Certified Professionals

The Water Softener Sustainability Professional/Arizona Certification Program (WSSPA). identifies installers, service technicians, and sales professionals who demonstrate the knowledge, understanding, and best practices that help consumers make good choices addressing the general problems of salinity and water use in Arizona. Find certified professionals here or visit wsspa.org:
Residential Certified Professionals
Name Company -> City
Leonard Anderson High Peaks Water, Phoenix
Kyle Arme Culligan Water, Phoenix
Christine Baker Culligan Water, Phoenix
Pete Barker Rayne Water, Phoenix
Kris Bernel Water Tec, Tucson
Dennis Bishop Bishop Water, Chandler
Jerry Bishop Go Green-Best Price Water, Glendale
Rob Bitter JB Water, Mesa
Hayden Boyett Boyett’s family water treatment
Mandell Brown All About Water, Chandler
Juan Castaneda Culligan Water, Phoenix
Raymond Clarkin Rayzone, Gold Canyon
Jacob Colvin All About Water
Gary Cutbirth Water Tec, Tucson
Jennifer Degrave Water Tec, Tucson
Leigh Degrave Water Tec, Tucson
Frank DeShong Advantage Pure-Flo, Mesa
Jim Dickey Water Tec, Tucson
Ben Dorfman Foster Plumbing, Tucson
Garrett Economy Water Tec, Tucson
Francisco Enriquez Culligan Water, Tucson
Phil Essery Charger Water, Phoenix
Job Felch Soft Water Plus, Phoenix
Rick Flores Culligan Water, Tucson
George Funkhauser All About Water, Chandler
Ike Gaffney Rayzone, Gold Canyon
Greg Galpin Water Tec, Tucson
Miguel Gardea High Peaks Water, Phoenix
Jonathan Gorleski Soft Water Plus, Phoenix
Bobby Hammon High Peaks Water, Phoenix
Glenn Hoffman Aqua Star, Tucson
R J Hoffman Aqua Star, Tucson
Jeneca Hoffman-Deutsch Aqua Star, Tucson
Jeff Hongsermeier Culligan Water, Tucson
Mark Hongsermeier Culligan Water, Tucson
Ryan Johnson Culligan Water, Tucson
Art Jones Symphony Plumbing, Chandler
Rick Kirlin Water Tec, Tucson
Aaron Lake Culligan Water, Tucson
Shea Lappin Culligan Water, Phoenix
Rene Lizarraga Pioneer Plumbing, Tucson
James Lowe High Peaks Water, Phoenix
Mason Mack Culligan Water, Phoenix
Paul Manning Culligan Water, Phoenix
Daniel Moneu Boyett’s family water treatment
Kristy Motzkin Pioneer Plumbing, Tucson
Marc Nolan B & R Industries, Mesa
Dan Noonan Rayne Water, Phoenix
Dave Norton All About Water
Douglas Oberhamer Culligan Water, Phoenix
Talon Page Advantage Pure-Flo, Mesa
Daniel Perez Pioneer Plumbing, Tucson
Troy Phillips Boyett's Water, Mesa
John Piasecki Clack Corp, Mesa
Robert Polaski Boyett’s family water treatment
Jeremy Powell All About Water, Chandler
Laticia Preciado-Rey Culligan Water, Phoenix
John Quigley Water Tec, Tucson
Mike Rathgeber Culligan Water, Phoenix
Terry Reece Water Tec, Tucson
Paul Reside B&R Industries, Mesa
Mike Root JB Water, Mesa
Kelly Schmeichel Culligan Water, Phoenix
Brad Schmid Culligan Water, Tucson
Joe Schneider Soft Water Plus, Phoenix
Pete Schneider Soft Water Plus, Phoenix
Brett Scott Parker and Sons
Jessica Sevy Water Tec, Tucson
Tim Shanahan Culligan Water, Phoenix
Casandra Sheely Water Tec, Tucson
Brandon Sherman Bishop Water, Chandler
Tom Sisson Boyett's Water, Mesa
Roman Skebeck Culligan Water, Phoenix
Bennie Springer Culligan Water, Phoenix
Tyler Stevenson All About Water
Sean Strimback Culligan Water, Phoenix
Jake Syreini All About Water
Jon Terp Advantage Pure-Flo, Mesa
J C Van Vessem Sun Tap Water, Tucson
Blake Walker Salt Works, Mesa
Bill Wayner Culligan Water, Phoenix
Ken Weil Culligan Water, Phoenix
Jeff West All About Water
Adam Wilson Culligan Water, Phoenix
Steve Wohlman Culligan Water, Tucson
Joe Yaksitch All About Water, Chandler
Al Zaragoza Culligan Water, Tucson, AZ

Commercial & Industrial Certified Professionals
Name Company -> City
Bryan Anderson Integrity Water, Mesa
Frank DeShong Advantage Pure-Flo, Mesa
Paul Edwards Culligan International
Austin Grable Advantage Pure Flo, Mesa
Kyle Jones Integrity Water, Mesa
Aaron Lake Culligan Water, Phoenix
Chad Lohrmann International Filter, Phoenix
Paul Manning Culligan Water, Phoenix
Jay Moses International Filter, Phoenix
Marc Nolan B & R Industries, Mesa
Talon Page Advantage Pure-Flo, Mesa
Troy Phillips Boyett’s Water, Mesa
Dennis Porras Desert Water, Phoenix
Marsha Porras Desert Water, Phoenix
Michael Poulson Advantage Pure Flo, Mesa
Michael Rathgeber Culligan Water, Phoenix
Gary Rust International Filter, Phoenix
Adrian Samaniego International Filter, Phoenix
Brad Schmid Culligan Water, Tucson
Tom Sisson Boyett’s Water, Mesa
Jon Terp Advantage Pure Flo, Mesa
Taylor White Integrity Water, Mesa