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  • The Arizona Water Quality Association represents the point-of-use, point-of-entry water treatment industry in the state. It seeks to promote the benefits of quality water to consumers, advance the professionalism of its members, administer an industry Code of Ethics, and generally deal with issues of interest to the industry.

    It also operates a consumer information center, providing a clearinghouse on residential and commercial water treatment issues.

    As an industry trade association, the AWQA develops industry seminars to provide the latest information on current issues to technicians, managers, and others. It promotes national industry certification testing, offers continuing education credits toward recertification, provides timely information on industry concerns, and works closely with related groups to help assure that its members maintain the highest standards of technical and professional excellence.

    Membership in the Arizona Water Quality Association is available in the following categories:

    Contractor Membership

    Available to companies selling and installing water treatment equipment or related products with a valid Arizona contractor’s license in the appropriate classifications.

    Retailer Membership

    Available to companies selling water treatment equipment or related products without a license.

    Industrial Membership

    Available to companies that manufacture or wholesale water treatment products or related products.

    Affiliate Membership

    Available to companies or individuals with an interest in the water treatment industry but not directly involved in the sale or installation of water treatment equipment or related products.